The Great False Prophet of ‘Democracy’

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John Dewey

There is a reason why we have always heard, and continue to hear, so much babble about “democracy” when the country we live in is, by law, a republic.

Much of that reason is John Dewey (1859-1952), often hailed as America’s greatest philosopher, a great sage–guilty, though, according to R.J. Rushdoony, of calling Christianity “an alien faith” because “committed to a fundamental discrimination and separation to a ‘spiritual aristocracy”… and “the opposition of the human kingdom to God’s kingdom” (Thy Kingdom Come, pg. 54).

So what we have is “America’s greatest philosopher,” powerful and influential, baldly stating his opposition to Christianity–in a Christian country founded by Christians. And being applauded for it.

Rushdoony quotes Dewey: “I cannot understand how any realization of the democratic ideal as a vital moral and spiritual ideal in human affairs is possible without surrender of the conception of the basic division to which Christianity is committed.”

Did you get that? Christianity is bad, Dewey has taught generations of American academics, because it’s not “democratic.” That makes it… bad.

Now just because academics and their students today probably couldn’t tell you who Dewey was, doesn’t mean they aren’t drinking from the well he dug. They are drinking deeply; and as for the well, many lesser fat-heads have labored on it since, always digging deeper.

That we can’t think of any thinker who successfully unmasked Dewey as a charlatan does not speak well for our late-19th and early-20th century crop of thinkers.

And so our republic gets eroded, now more than ever, and our foolish “intellectuals” seduce us with “democratic ideals.” What God couldn’t do, they will! Make way for utopia! All we need is an all-powerful government, advised by themselves, to take us there.

These sins go back a long way in our history, and their effect is being felt today.

3 comments on “The Great False Prophet of ‘Democracy’

  1. I cringe every time I hear the name of John Dewey. When I was a kid in school, his ideas had not yet gotten the hellish control they have now. We still sang hymns, spoke about the Bible, and yes we knew our nation was a Republic. Anyone who make a statement to the contrary very quickly got corrected.

  2. Remember the MAGA movement Trump was leading 2015-2020? We were the majority taking back ground from the minority that had been lording it over us for decades. And what great results we were accomplishing. But we are still the majority! Just because the MAGA movement has been cancelled by the billionaires and their dupes in Washington D.C. and the blue states governorships, doesn’t mean we are not as determined as ever to take back our country. Be salt. Be light. Be a victor and not a whiner. God has a plan – believe it.

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