Wednesday Talkin’ to Thursday

Why Quokkas Are The Cutest Animals On Earth

G’day! Byron the Quokka here, apologizing for Lee for vegetating in the eye doctor’s office this morning instead of blogging. Of course, for me to speak to you Thursday when it’s only Wednesday, the computer has to do its part.

So anyway, he’s sitting there with his stupid face mask on because the eye doctor is paranoid about COVID, etc., etc. And meanwhile the nuisance phone calls have started up already: I wonder how many he’ll get today. We don’t have phones of Rottnest Island. Smoke signals are good enough for us.

Well, here goes! Let’s see if the computer can publish this tomorrow instead of right now. Fingers crossed!

Looks like it didn’t work. Another piece hewn off the WordPress stone. *Sigh*

7 comments on “Wednesday Talkin’ to Thursday

  1. Well, it’s Wednesday here, but maybe Rottnest Island is in a different time zone. 🙂

    Potato chips are good on any day of the week, though!

    1. WordPress used to let me write a post today and publish it another day. Well, not anymore.

      In this doctor’s office, if I show up on time, I’ll have to sit there and wait
      as patients who swanned in 90 minutes late get served ahead of me.

    2. P.S.–Hmmm… if you’re going east to west, then Rottnest I. is on the other side of the International Dateline. But if you’re going west to east, then it’s on the same side.
      This is how one can lose track of what day it is.

    3. WordPress seems to lose track of a lot of things these days … including, apparently, these days.

      As for the paucity of comments (gee, I haven’t used the word “paucity” in a long time), maybe everyone else is like me — frantically trying to catch up on everything I couldn’t do this morning and yesterday afternoon because of chores.

  2. Hmmm, seems my earlier responses must have gone astray then. Can’t even remember now what I said about what. I’m just as bad as any other “system” apparently.

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