‘The Pretensions of Man’ (Mark Rushdoony)

Mark Rushdoony, 'The Sweep of History' – Lee Duigon

In this month’s Chalcedon blog post, Mark Rushdoony reflects on people playing God: they’re in over their heads.


Mark and I are close enough in age that we can both remember “air raid drills”–in case of an atomic bomb dropping on your school, “duck and cover” under your desk or get down to the basement hallway. Now it’s Systemic Racism and Climbit Change. “If men do not have an imminent threat to fear,” he writes, “they will find one.” And it’s very much a case of seek and ye shall find: no one ever comes home empty-handed from a search for The End O’ The World.

Finite creatures as we are, we’ll never fully understand anything God does. It’s why we need faith. We see the ungodly and the wicked running wild, intending to “transform” our country into a socialist hell-hole… and there is just no way we understand why God doesn’t just wipe them off the table.

Have faith.

It’s indispensable.

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  1. But, if we read all Scripture, we can see how these things are not new. God once said, the “fullness of their evil is not yet…” and He was waiting until the exact moment when that point was reached, then He acted. If He wiped people out before it was His time, a lot of innocent people would also be wiped out.

    1. I also read that as God giving people time to repent and change their ways–although beyond a certain point of evil, it looks (to us!) like there’s no turning back.

  2. Some encouraging thoughts in that article. I am convinced that the shift we see occurring is part of God’s plan and will work for the long-term good.

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