Crazy for COVID

[Warning: contains profanity–to say nothing of a rather alarming unwholesomeness.]

This is what a year of Mandates and masks and social distancing, coupled with 24/7 fear porn from the nooze media, has done to us.

I realize the hysterical woman in this video may have been a good distance out of her tree before she ever heard of COVID. But having encountered this kind of overreaction myself (although to nowhere near this extravagant degree), I think the whole “We’re-all-doomed-I-tell-you!” culture is responsible. This is a person who has literally been driven crazy.

I found this video extremely disturbing. How long is it going to take America to recover from all this? Have we permanently damaged ourselves?

We have to make this stop. Before we’re all like her.

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  1. Those who know the Lord have no reason to panic. He said: “do not fear man who can do no worse than kill the flesh, rather fear God who has the power to kill soul as well as body.” (paraphrase) I believe Him, and no matter how it turns out, we win in the end no matter what man tries to do to us. So, be cool.

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