15 comments on “Bernie ‘Not Comfortable’ with Twitter’s Ban of Trump

  1. When old-style commies and socialists think the American lefties have gone too far, you KNOW the lefties have gone too far. But then again, the old-style commies and socialists, like the Russian Trotskyites, had better watch out or they’ll find themselves being purged for casting doubt on the purges.

    1. I wonder if Soviet communism would’ve been possible without several centuries of czarist government teaching the people to be slaves.

    1. Interesting point, Lee. By getting in bed with some rather unruly elements of society, the Dems have proven that they did not truly thought this through. What happens when the unruly elements decide that the Dems aren’t doing enough? If they are willing to break the rules while the conservatives are in power, why would they limit themselves to abiding by the rules when the liberals are in power?

    2. That’s what happens when a politician has “fans” rather than supporters — and Bernie has mostly fans. Fans operate on emotion and excitement. Any call to pull back, any appeal to reason, has to be ignored in order to keep the excitement going. If the “star” gets too reasonable, he’ll be dumped altogether, and the “fans” move on to another star. Fortunately for Bernie, he doesn’t appeal to reason very often.

    3. Those fans project what Bernie is like too, instead of acknowledging him as a rich politician with expensive homes

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