Rated PG for… ‘Historical Smoking’

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What with movies wallowing in every sexual perversion known to a fallen world, in violence, crime, atheism, cynicism, and New Age twaddle, what do you have to show to get a PG rating?


Fap! Why, that Sherlock Holmes is no better than the criminals he catches! He smokes a pipe!

And this from the “Legalize Recreational Marijuana” crowd.

If smoking had been the worst thing the Kennedys ever did, they’d’ve been saints instead of politicians.


7 comments on “Rated PG for… ‘Historical Smoking’

  1. So it’s okay to drown a young woman with whom you’re committing adultery, just as long as neither one of you smokes?

  2. Some years ago, a dinner theater in hyper-liberal Boulder, Colorado, was presenting a play set in pre-War Germany. Many of the characters in the play smoked, and smoked heavily. It was and accurate portrayal of the culture. The theater had made certain that the smoke was drawn away from the audience, and they had put considerable effort into this, before the first showing. But … there was an indoor smoking ban in Boulder and some of the virtue-signaling folks up there made sure that the owners of that theater were not allowed to get by with this crime against humanity. It was a slugfest of liberal against liberal. I expect to see more of this sort of thing in the future.

    Smoking was a fact of life for a much larger percentage of the population in years past. Portraying the reality of that time period doesn’t strike me as such a terrible thing to do. I’m glad that fewer people smoke today, but I know that for some people, quitting is very difficult. I believe that such people deserve to be treated with compassion and dignity.

  3. We like to watch the old movies on TCM but they are sure full of people smoking – like on airplanes! The Kennedy’s were a low point in our history, and the Obamas & Bidens are even lower.

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