‘Oldest-Ever Fossils Found (Or So They Say)’ (2017)

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Evolution must be true because we found fossil bacteria 4.2 million years old!

And yet bacteria are still… bacteria. So where’s the evolution?

Oldest-Ever Fossils Found (Or So They Say)

I don’t know–those fossils don’t look like much to me. They’re also supposed to prove that Mars had life a zillion years ago, and then it went away. Betcha it was SUVs that did it.

And somehow Evolution proves we can have sexual anarchy and a really big and powerful government.

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  1. I love the line about comets or aliens or solar winds bringing the seeds of life to earth. The people who advance these theories never explain how the life in these organisms began in the first place. Saying something has been delivered by UPS leaves a big question of where the merchandise came from and how it was manufactured, not to mention where the materials came from to manufacture it.

    1. Wait a minute! By gum, I think you’ve got it! ***UPS delivered life to earth!!!
      Is this Nobel Prize material, or what?

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