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Honk if this surprises you: CNN’s technical director, Charlie Chester, has admitted that the nooze network’s “focus was to get Trump out of office”–to which end they used “propaganda” (

This came out in an undercover recording by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas.

“Look what we did, we got Trump out,” Chester bragged. “We were creating a story.”

Or creating an act of war against America. Take your choice.

Chester went on to say, “Climate change is going to be the next COVID thing for CNN… Fear sells.” Eventually, he explained, COVID will taper off and people won’t be afraid of it anymore; but climate change, he said, is something CNN can “milk” for years to come.

So now, thanks in part to CNN, we have a mummified doofus in the White House, a ruptured southern border, huge tax hikes on the near horizon, people going energetically paranoid about COVID, and riots all over the place. Thanks, Democrats. Thanks, nooze media.

What can we do about it?

I wish I knew. I really wish I knew.

6 comments on “CNN Admits It Used ‘Propaganda’ Against Trump

  1. Pray for warriors — spiritual, political, philosophical, and, if necessary, physical. Pray for perseverance in the coming tribulation. And mostly, pray.

    1. We have nothing left but our prayers. Our leaders won’t lead, our courts won’t hear our case or examine any evidence, and our laws are not enforced. No one left to defend us, no one left to avenge us… except the Judge of all the earth.

    1. It’d be nice if somebody did it!
      The journalism schools might as well close down, though. They’re a waste of space.

  2. I have a real problem with ANY media trying to make news. They can attempt to influence opinions, but when they attempt to manipulate results by abusing their position, that is very wrong.

    BTW, I am living proof that one can totally ignore the media, yet live.

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