‘I Am Liberalism’ (Newswithviews, 2019)

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I wasn’t able to write a Newswithviews column this week. But since leftids have stolen our country out from under us and are trying to kill it before we can get it back, I thought this 2019 essay worth revisiting.

I Am Liberalism

Make no mistake about it: theirs is a country-destroying ideology that littered the 20th century with the corpses of the innocent. Leftist governments create poverty, fear, mendacity, crime, and violence.

As we’ll shortly see for ourselves. It’s already happening.

6 comments on “‘I Am Liberalism’ (Newswithviews, 2019)

  1. A brilliant essay.
    However, Dennis Prager would argue that you’re describing “leftism, not liberalism” — a distinction he tries to make any time he talks about the left. It’s become almost a verbal tic with him by now, and it’s really a distinction without a difference. People on the left never call themselves “the left” anyway. They’ve usually called themselves liberals, until conservatives started criticizing “liberals,” and then the liberals started calling themselves “progressives.” By now, though, even the “progressives” are being left in the dust (Pelosi and her ilk are getting pretty dusty indeed) as the newest leftists are coming straight out as socialists and Marxists. But they’re all the same under the skin. Any difference is of degree, not of kind, and eventually all self-styled “liberals” either get drawn into the leftist vortex or jump ship and become conservatives or libertarians.

    1. Classical “liberals,” a la John Stuart Mill, went extinct some decades ago. The last one was seen following a Tanystropheus into a tar pit.

    2. Liberalism and leftism are different, but some would argue that the seeds of leftism was born out of liberalism. Rather it’s liberalism, modern leftism, or Marxism they all have their roots in the so-called enlightenment era. The enlightenment philosophers rejected God and religion. Once God was removed from the equation the self-became the primary focus. The self became the soul arbiter of “truth”, and the needs and desires of the “self” trumps all. That is what leftism is all about.

  2. When license replaced liberty America’s Christian foundation was doomed. But isn’t it just like our God to let His people think things are hopeless and impossible and then He lets loose His Holy Spirit to inspire a Great Awakening and thus forge history ahead to the Millennium reign when the knowledge of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.

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