‘Chimp/Human Hybrid Born–Then Killed’ (2018)

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This was a major story on The Drudge Report three years ago–a sign that Drudge was nearing its sell-by date.

Chimp/Human Hybrid Born–Then Killed

Yeah, okay, surely there’s some kook out there who would like to create animal-human hybrids. Maybe they could be turned into superheroes. Oyster Man. Hamster Woman. But if “scientists” did all the things they’d like to do, we’d already be extinct.

This is the kind of story that gives a news site a bad reputation.

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  1. But if Klaus Schwab and his gang at Davos have their way, we’ll all be made into biological-digital-cyberfreaks through the Miracles Of Sciences. Be careful when you order fish and chips. You may get the wrong kind of chips.

  2. If anyone thinks scientists are not trying to combine human and monkey genetic material to make hybrids you are naïve. Scientists love playing God, plus look at all the money (greed) to be made in providing organs for transplanting. U.S. & China scientists were both working experimentimentally (my word) on the coronavirus – American tax dollars were even sent to the Wuhan Lab and a guy named Fauci was involved in it.

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