‘Oops! “Nebraska Man” Was a Pig’ (2018)

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Stop the presses!

Beware, beware, beware of Settled Science doled out to you by Experts! Like this, for instance: “Nebraska Man.”

Oops! ‘Nebraska Man’ Was a Pig

The top men in the field lent their names to this embarrassment. And today we’ve got yard signs (liberals’ yard signs) proclaiming “Science Is Real!” By which they mean Climbit Change. Uh-huh. Just like Nebraska Man was real. The top experts said so.

These top experts at least didn’t lie and use political chicanery to protect the lie.

Ours do.

8 comments on “‘Oops! “Nebraska Man” Was a Pig’ (2018)

  1. This comment says it all: “And we can only speculate as to how far astray Osborn & Co. were led by their evolutionary mind-set.”

    Having an evolutionary worldview has a distinct influence on the conclusions one would reach, and believing in direct creation will have a different influence. The more I learn, the more convinced I become that the creation-based worldview leads to far more realistic conclusions.

    For a time, I was taken in by the teachings of cosmic evolution, believing that God created a Big Bang from which all matter came, and that God then created life in a hospitable place in the Universe. Further study has convinced me that the idea of cosmic evolution is not, at all, an accurate picture of how things could have happened. If stars, galaxies, etc. cannot be formed by the force of gravity, it is certainly impossible that life could have evolved spontaneously from lifeless matter. I have NEVER believed that life could have evolved, without a Creator, but as I have studied the matter, it becomes obvious that not even a simple protein could assemble itself spontaneously.

    If one starts with a flawed worldview, it is impossible to reach a sound conclusion.

  2. I was reading about how Neanderthal’s DNA was actually 99.9% identical to our own and they were not some separate species. What I found most interesting is that their somewhat unusual skeletal structure could be linked to longevity and they may have actually been superior in terms of intelligence, dexterity, and strength. In other words, they were basically pre-flood humans. That’s a far cry difference from how science depicts them as dumb cave men.

    1. Shut up! Settled Science Is Always Right! Even when it’s wrong! [falls to the floor with pink foam coming out his ears]

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