By Request, ‘Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus’

Erlene has found another Indian hymn-singing group for us–the Living Stones Quartet. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus is the hymn she has requested.

If you’d like to share a favorite hymn… Well, the hymn shop’s open all day and it sure ain’t crowded.

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  1. I seem to be doing better now, but sometimes it is hard to tell unless I get some kind of clue somehow.

    1. WP engineers checked, and they say your notifications all went out as they should; so of course they say the problem has to be at your end somewhere.

      Meanwhile, I’ve lost half my viewership and I don’t know why.

  2. Can the problem be at the Facebook end — or maybe from the News With Views end? ? You’ve said that many of your viewers have checked in from FB. Some sites that have been shadow-banned or straight-out banned put notices on their sites that FB is doing some banning and it would be best for viewers to bookmark the site itself and go directly to it instead of relying on FB links.

    Also, is there some way WP can do a “sign up for notifications” on the web site itself, without viewers having to check a box on the comment form? Some viewers may want to view without commenting, but they never have a chance to request notifications unless they post a comment.

    1. I’m not aware that anything at all has changed around here, except the view numbers. It’s true I’ve been censored by FB any number of times–the happy puppies were brought in to fool the algorithm–but not lately. At least, not that I know or have been told.

  3. The Bible tells us the Battle is the LORD’s, and as we enter into His battle we get to reap the rewards of His victory. Stand on the sidelines and miss out on the greatest adventure life in the fallen world has to offer.

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