‘No “Life Plan,” No Diploma’ (2017)

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Why do all the stories coming out of the Chicago school district sound like satire? This one, for instance:

No ‘Life Plan,’ No Diploma

Yowsah, yowsah! You gotta have a life plan–I mean, Life Plan–before you can graduate high school. Or so said Rahm Emanuel a few years ago, when he was mayor. If the mayor of my town ever said a thing like that, the school board would cry bloody murder and everybody else would just scratch their heads.

Whose “life plan” that he hatches out at 17 or 18 actually gets followed? And please don’t think public schools have done anything but get worse and worse over the past four years. “My life plan is to be an anti-racist superhero!” Uh-huh. “I’m gonna be famous!” Somehow. She’s a little shaky on the details.

Anyway, this story dried up and blew away when Emanuel left office; so who knows if they ever actually did it?

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  1. The foolishness of some ideas stagger the mind. When I was 17 years old, my “life plan” was completely unrealistic and but the time I was 19, the economy was in bad shape and I was struggling, just to survive. I knew what I wanted, but was very sketchy on the details.

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