Special Norbert

I’d better post this before it goes away. And maybe Norbert can generate some views.

This is Norbert getting combed. You can’t expect him to do it himself.

9 comments on “Special Norbert

  1. There is our little cutie. When our dogs get groomed, it is a mess that is better done outside. They are so hairy.

    1. If he’s anything like my cats of the past, he can yield enough hair to make another dog. Of course, my “cats of the past” were Persians. Iggy is a shorthair, and now that I have to comb him all the time, I’d say he yields enough for about half a cat.

    2. I’m having to wear long, thick sleeves when I groom Iggy. After I’ve untangled a knot or two, he squirms around and strikes like a rattler. I could restrain him more forcibly, but then he’d never let me near him with a comb again. Still, I’m getting some of the old-age matting out a little at a time. And he does seem to enjoy the first few minutes of combing — until I hit a bad knot.

    3. How does an indoor shorthair cat get knots in his fur?
      Feel free to expound on it. Still can’t seem to get my view numbers up to where they used to be.

    4. The matting seems to happen regularly in older cats. Part of it is that they don’t groom themselves the way they used to, and there may also be something happening with their glands — I’d have to look that up. I did notice in the Chewy.com comments sections for various grooming tools that quite a few people were commenting on the way their cats were matting in old age.

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