Sleepy Puppies

Watching these tired puppies try to stay awake reminds me of a high school incident.

Last-period Spanish class (our school day was a full eight hours), and my friend Jimmy false asleep at his desk. Mrs. Kosa beckons for quite as she dismisses the class, and everyone tiptoes out of the room. I stay because I want to see Jimmy’s reaction to waking up and finding everybody gone. Funny! What a laugh that was.

Daunted Dogs

You wonder what scares dogs. A big stuffed toy. A shadow. Just about anything, really.

But I noted that there weren’t any really little dogs in these videos. I don’t think the little ones scare so easily. Why do you suppose that is?

Daffy Dogs

What happens when the punching dummy punches you back? A little fuzzy dog finds out the hard way.

Dogs have learned to excel at having misadventures. They have not learned how to carry long sticks through narrow doorways. Parrots laugh at them for that.

Dogs Make Their Own Fun

It looks like dogs never suffer from ennui. That’s a crossword puzzle word for boredom. They don’t do crosswords, but everything else is on the table. The dogs in this video are all having a blast.

And some dogs have discovered that they, like cats, can invent all sorts of ways to keep you from reading!