Crying Out for Freedom

Human rights attorney Leigh Dundas is fighting for our freedom. Her speech here is 18 minutes long, but well worth hearing.

Two stories will impress you.

In Orange County, California, the county health officer and the county superintendent of schools hatched a scheme to turn all the schools into vaccination centers and vaccinate all the children in them–by means of a “sidestep” around parental consent. At short notice, Dundas organized a public protest and the plan was dropped.

Also in Orange County, authorities decided they could get away with imposing an unlawful “vaccine passport” just by giving it another name. It is against state, federal, and international law to force anyone to accept an experimental drug without his informed consent. Dundas fought that scheme, too. The county had to back down.

The really big sidestep, as we have mentioned here any number of times, is to let the private sector do the government’s dirty work. Let “the stores” refuse service to anyone who hasn’t had the vaccine. “Ain’t got nothin’ to do with us!” the government can claim.

The threat, Ms. Dundas says, is that the government will put “an electronic dog collar” on every citizen; and under the guise of protecting us from disease, erase our freedoms.

They’ve already done that in China. Check out China’s “social credit system.”

Statists and global government freaks would love to have it here.

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