‘USDA to Grandma: Read the Kids Government Bedtime Stories’ (2014)

How many times, during those evil days of the Obama regime, did we wonder if we were going to wake up in North Korea? And now they’re back! Once again, everything sounds like Red China. Which is to say, every cotton-pickin’ thing is politicized to death.

Even bedtime stories. Here’s what Democrat do to bedtime stories:

USDA to Grandma: Read the Kids Government Bedtime Stories

God help us! The example above came with a Participation Trophy! The horror, the horror…

Meanwhile, boys ‘n’ girls, I’ve got a new content for you! See if you can answer this riddle of the sphinx: Why is Kamala Harris our country’s vice president? Why should she be vice president of anything?

Maybe she’s there to write bedtime stories.

3 comments on “‘USDA to Grandma: Read the Kids Government Bedtime Stories’ (2014)

  1. I’ll bet that’s right. Bedtime stories. I hadn’t thought of that one, but sounds logical.

  2. Didn’t Kamala Harris already arrange to have copies of her children’s book given to the illegal migrant minors in the holding camps? (If taxpayers’ money paid for these books — and Kamala’s royalty checks, by the way — I believe we have yet another broken law here, but oh well.)

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