Fighting Back: Conservatives Win 10 of 11 School Board Seats

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Just like St. George!

“You wanna politicize everything? Okay, fine. Let’s politicize this!”

Conservative candidates have won 10 out of 11 school board seats in Tarrant County, Texas ( The one candidate who didn’t win outright will have another chance in a run-off election.

Nooze media seem disconcerted by the fact that conservative and Christian donors and PACs spent half a million dollars on these elections. (Boo hoo! Only leftids are allowed to do that!) The money was mostly spent on consultants who organized the campaign as a fight against teaching Critical Race Theory (all white people are evil racists, blah-blah) and stocking pornographic “gay” books in the schools.

You will find the “teachers” and their unions now saying there is no CRT being taught in public schools. The art of lying has greatly decayed. Dudes, inventing new names for it doesn’t fool us anymore. Especially when you’ve still got CRT listed as “a great resource” on the school district’s official website.

Finally the good guys are playing to win. Finally our side’s raising money to counter the annual largesse handed to the Far Left by the teachers’ unions.

Leftids, there are more of us than there are of you, and you’ll soon know it!

You and your 80 million phantom Biden voters.

‘Voter Registration Forms to be Given for Trick-or-Treat’ (2016)

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Don’t forget to pick up those voter registration forms, kiddies!

At last! An election reform proposed by Democrats!

Voter Registration Forms to be Given for Trick-or-Treat

Since this proposal was first aired five years ago, they’ve changed it so that all the kids would have to do is collect already filled-out registration forms at all the houses they visit and, when their bag is filled, simply hand it over to their friendly community organizer. “The same can and will be done with ballots themselves,” adds Mr. Bubo.

Work continues on crafting a new Mandate to forbid criticism of The Party.

‘”Pro-choice” Means “No Choice”‘ (2017)

Bell Mountain (Bell Mountain, 1) by [Lee Duigon]

Once upon a time, some wokies tried to sabotage my fantasy novels because they didn’t like my politics. So they went to and posted one-star reviews of Bell Mountain–which they hadn’t read, but they were out to punish me for not loving Big Brother.

‘Pro-Choice’ Means ‘No Choice’

It took some days to resolve this. I’ll be re-posting my commentary on the situation as it developed. (Would you like to see more of that today or wait for tomorrow?)

Well, that’s leftids for you–always taking away your choices. And thanks to our overpriced but truly wretched “education” system, many of us are willing to give up our freedom in return for–what? What do they think the Left is gonna do for them?

I mean, they won’t even let you read a fantasy novel in peace…

‘USDA to Grandma: Read the Kids Government Bedtime Stories’ (2014)

How many times, during those evil days of the Obama regime, did we wonder if we were going to wake up in North Korea? And now they’re back! Once again, everything sounds like Red China. Which is to say, every cotton-pickin’ thing is politicized to death.

Even bedtime stories. Here’s what Democrat do to bedtime stories:

USDA to Grandma: Read the Kids Government Bedtime Stories

God help us! The example above came with a Participation Trophy! The horror, the horror…

Meanwhile, boys ‘n’ girls, I’ve got a new content for you! See if you can answer this riddle of the sphinx: Why is Kamala Harris our country’s vice president? Why should she be vice president of anything?

Maybe she’s there to write bedtime stories.