D.C. Mayor on Weddings: ‘Standing and Dancing Not Allowed’

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I would like to know how the human race ever survived without giving up all their liberties every time a disease said “Boo!” Why do we treat COVID as uniquely horrible?

Uh… because the people who treat it as uniquely horrible are themselves uniquely horrible?

And so the Democrat mayor of Washington, D.C.–have you noticed it’s always Democrats with the restrictions?–now says okay, you can have a wedding–“But standing and dancing receptions are not allowed” (https://legalinsurrection.com/2021/05/washington-d-c-bans-standing-dancing-at-indoor-and-outdoor-weddings/).


And the mayor went on, “Attendees and guests must remain seated and socially distanced from each other or other household groups.”

They want to micro-manage your wedding! Give ’em time–they’ll be telling you who you can marry, and who you can’t. And what time to go to bed at night.

J’accuse! Given the history of humanity’s survival in the face of much more deadly epidemics than this, what but pure malice, and an intoxication with pure power over others, can possibly be motivating these continuing restrictions on our everyday lives?

No one’s liberty will ever be safe until the Democrat Party is put out of business forever.

4 comments on “D.C. Mayor on Weddings: ‘Standing and Dancing Not Allowed’

  1. And even more important; until satan is put out of business, there will be no peace, justice or wisdom. For now, we do need to defeat his puppets.

  2. The only way for this to end is for everyone faced with the restrictions to ignore them. If all the nicely seated people (six feet away from each other so they can’t even pass the rolls, let alone talk to each other) suddenly stood up and started dancing to a boom box that the hosts had sneaked in, what would the authorities do? Arrest all 100 guests? Use water cannons on them to make them stop dancing?

    Of course, the hosts would have to let everyone know ahead of time what would happen. And unfortunately, over the past year people have been so conditioned to obey absurd orders that most of the guests would be afraid to disobey. A few might even report the plan to the authorities and get the reception hall shut down.

    Maybe they can stage the reception as a Peaceful Protest instead. Then they can dance around and make noise all they want.

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