Censorship Abounds

A few days ago I posted a YouTube video of a priest, Fr. James Altman in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, standing up for the truth: declaring, in no uncertain terms, that you can’t be Catholic and be pro-abortion (https://leeduigon.com/2021/04/30/another-priest-stands-up-for-truth/).

Last night Dawn Renee wanted to see that video, only to find it had been taken down. Earlier this morning, Phoebe tried to comment on it, only to see her comment disappear instead of being posted. I found the comment in the spam folder, where it should not have been, and moved it to the post where it belongs.

I went back to YouTube and was surprised to find Father Altman’s videos still there. I will now pause in writing this to look again.

[Ten minutes later] Well, I can’t find that particular video on YouTube just now. But there are still some other Father Altman videos present in which he makes the point, “You cannot be Catholic and a Democrat. Period.” Like this one.

Let’s see how long this video stays here before someone removes it. Who? I don’t know. If somebody out there knows, please tell me. Why? I think because Big Tech is imposing a rigid censorship regime. How? I have no idea.

They think that by silencing us in the social media, they’ll stop us. Like, if we can’t say it, we won’t be able to think it. But we do say it, sunshine, and we do think it; and you are not fooling us. We see what you’re up to and we don’t like it!

O Lord our God! Give us the tools and weapons that we need to fight the ungodly and turn them back from their attempted conquest of the earth. Give us greater courage than theirs, greater endurance, greater strength, and greater intelligence than theirs. Confound them and defeat them: fight for us, O God. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

3 comments on “Censorship Abounds

  1. Many conservative organizations are moving to other platforms (such as Rumble for videos) or building their own. LifeSiteNews, for example, has been permanently kicked of YouTube and has moved to Rumble. Some others have managed to keep their websites and have urged readers to sign up for email blasts since they won’t be able to see new items on their Facebook and Twitter news feeds. We may wind up in full samizdat mode eventually.

    Interestingly enough, a traditional-Catholic newspaper that I read regularly, The Remnant, has maintained its print edition in addition to its online edition and has been building its own platform not only for its videos but also for its news and blog articles.

    1. I was able to rescue your earlier comment, which for no reason I know of wound up in the spam bucket.

      Meanwhile, I just pray we have enough time for the new platforms to kick in and break the oligarchs’ strangle hold over our social media.

  2. One big lie the church has bought into is socialism is in the Bible, everyone sharing equally. That is why the majority of Roman Catholics have been Democrats because they believe it is the gov’t’s job to redistribute the wealth and meet the needs of the have-nots, when that is the job of the church. Another big lie is Christians are never to resist the gov’t because God has put them in authority over us (Romans 13.1 – and that is crazy.

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