Setting Up My Birthday Party

Birthday Cake by Grandma Moses on artnet

“Birthday Cake” by Grandma Moses

Just because it’s an imaginary birthday party doesn’t mean you don’t have to do the work. Those of you who’ve already shown up, you can help me set up for tomorrow. And we’ve got a keg of root beer that requires our attention.

Here in real life, it’s cold and grey and rainy. We will have perfect weather for the party: plenty of lawn chairs around the big catalpa tree for sing-alongs, tall tales, and Mad Libs. By all means, Mad Libs. Have you noticed the tree is occupied by cardinals and bluebirds?

Our celebrity guests will be Byron the Quokka and Norbert. Quokkas are already setting up the Monopoly table.

Remember, you’re all invited, we’re going to have a wonderful (albeit imaginary) time… and there will be no nooze. It’s my birthday, and I’ll bar the doors to the nooze if I want to, so there.


11 comments on “Setting Up My Birthday Party

  1. Sounds like a great time. Just seeing a catalpa tree will be a treat for me. We had one in our yard where I grew up, and I haven’t seen one since. Not many cardinals or blue birds either.

    1. We used to smoke the catalpa beans. Probably not a good idea; but then kids rarely come up with good ideas.

  2. Hooray, I can hardly wait! — even though, as a slum kid, I wouldn’t know a catalpa tree from a cantaloupe.

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