SWAT Team Busts Unarmed Priest

The heroic people’s servant-comrades of the Calgary SWAT team have arrested enemy of the people Fr. Artur Pawlowski and charged him with that most despicable of all crimes against the people’s worker’s paradise of Canada–inciting people to attend church services (https://redstate.com/bonchie/2021/05/08/watch-dramatic-video-shows-swat-team-arresting-pastor-for-inciting-people-to-attend-church-n376856).

A church service, says the government of Alberta, is an “illegal in-person gathering.”

Are we dreaming this? Can it really be happening?

A heavily armed and armored SWAT team… to arrest one priest. You’d think police right now need all the goodwill they can get. And they aren’t going to get it by being Herod’s men. A SWAT team. That’s to intimidate the rest of you, boys ‘n’ girls. Don’t you go mouthin’ off like Fr. Pawlowski did.

And of course the nooze media are pumping out COVID fear porn 24/7, so there are poor dumb yo-yos out there who believe it and think they need to be protected from church services.

Because COVID!

This has to stop. It really has to stop.

11 comments on “SWAT Team Busts Unarmed Priest

  1. We both know it has nothing to do with Covid, but it has everything to do with control. I made a small donation to help with his legal funds. He currently has a little over 100k donors. It’s been going up so fast they keep having to raise the goal, so that is a positive sign to me.

  2. Pathetic. They do not understand who they are ultimately dealing with. God will allow this to go just so far, then watch out.

  3. They’ve already had one pastor — James Coates of the GraceLife Church in Edmonton, Alberta — in jail for a few weeks, and they not only closed the church but put up chain link fencing around it to keep people out. Congregants tore down the fence, but it was put back up again, and now they’re meeting in secret.

    1. The congregants are meeting in secret, not the police. Typing too fast to notice the dangling “they.” Arghhh.

  4. Shouldn’t surprise us since the Lord told us we would be hated for His sake. Maranatha!

  5. Wasn’t the lockdowns only for the month of March 2020? What are these people in authority doing? They are showing they are not worthy of the authority they have been given – kick them out.

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