‘UK Cops: For Shame!’

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You have to earn respect, guys.

Like anybody else, police officers want to be loved and respected. But they’re going about it totally the wrong way.

STEP ONE: Stop acting like Herod’s Men.

UK Cops: For Shame!

There has never been a tyranny, a dictatorship, or an orgy of misrule that wasn’t enforced by police who just follow orders, no matter how evil or ridiculous those orders might be.

When will they get around to formally incinerating the Magna Carta?

And I guess our Constitution will be next.

SWAT Team Busts Unarmed Priest

The heroic people’s servant-comrades of the Calgary SWAT team have arrested enemy of the people Fr. Artur Pawlowski and charged him with that most despicable of all crimes against the people’s worker’s paradise of Canada–inciting people to attend church services (https://redstate.com/bonchie/2021/05/08/watch-dramatic-video-shows-swat-team-arresting-pastor-for-inciting-people-to-attend-church-n376856).

A church service, says the government of Alberta, is an “illegal in-person gathering.”

Are we dreaming this? Can it really be happening?

A heavily armed and armored SWAT team… to arrest one priest. You’d think police right now need all the goodwill they can get. And they aren’t going to get it by being Herod’s men. A SWAT team. That’s to intimidate the rest of you, boys ‘n’ girls. Don’t you go mouthin’ off like Fr. Pawlowski did.

And of course the nooze media are pumping out COVID fear porn 24/7, so there are poor dumb yo-yos out there who believe it and think they need to be protected from church services.

Because COVID!

This has to stop. It really has to stop.

At Least They Knocked

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The cops came back to Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s church… and he chased them away again. (Please excuse the puppy picture. It’s there for a reason.)

They returned to his Church, this time with SWAT members — The chills begin at 2:29…

The headline says it’s a SWAT team, but I didn’t see a SWAT team. Fair-sized bunch of cops, though. In black uniforms, etc. That might intimidate some people; but not Pastor Pawlowski. He refuses to listen to whatever it is they’re demanding of the church, he chastises them for coming while religious services are in progress, and again he chases them away. “I do not cooperate with the Gestapo!” he declares.

This is the second time he’s had to do this. The first time he told them not to come back without a warrant. I didn’t see a warrant this time. And they did finally leave.

In China they’d have made him disappear already. Canada isn’t there yet.

Pawlowski exhorted Canadians and Americans to “come to their senses while there is still time… or you’re going to be swallowed up by those people. Wake up or else!” See the video for his whole speech to the camera.

Liberty is a lady with a price on her head. Governments all over the world are trying to hunt her down and put her away. It’s hyper-humanism morning, noon, and night.

We appeal to the Judge of all the earth.

Herod’s Men: UK Police

Merseyside Police apologise over incorrect 'offensive' claim - BBC News

You think our police are mindless servants of the power structure? They’ve got nothing on the cops in Britain! These guys are Herod’s men, right down to the cellular level.

Merseyside police have come under criticism (imagine that!) for their newest “hate speech awareness campaign” (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3936773/posts). As you know, “hate speech” is anything the Far Left Crazy doesn’t agree with.

So, upon receiving a nod and a push from the LGBT “community,” the Merseyside cops created a mobile billboard to cart their new slogan around town: “Being offensive is an offense!” And it’s got the Organized Sodomy rainbow flag, too.

In fact, there is no such law. Someone’s going to be offended no matter what you say or do. You can’t have a law against “being offensive” because then everybody would be guilty and would all have to be locked up. On second thought, that’s just the kind of scenario that titillates a leftist.

Anyway, the public is more than a little upset by this campaign, likening the Merseyside cops to the North Korean state police… So let’s see how long it lasts.