‘A Book to Make Me Wake Up Screaming’ (2016)

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“I can’t read this stuff no more!”

The drivel spewed out by our publishing industry!

“Women’s fiction”–what is that supposed to mean? Really, you’d have to be a sap to read this stuff. I get paid for reading stuff, and I won’t read this.

A Book to Make Me Wake Up Screaming

What kind of goofy names are these to give your characters? Yes, I know, people do that in real life. Do they ever. But fiction is supposed to provide us with an escape from real life. Here the effect is more like tunneling into a German prison camp than out of it.

Hint: If the phrase “mysterious and sexy” appears anywhere near the book, don’t read it.

5 comments on “‘A Book to Make Me Wake Up Screaming’ (2016)

  1. Ironically, back in my feminist days of the 1960s and 1970s, we would have declared anything labeled “women’s fiction” as sexist, since it implied that women couldn’t handle regular fiction. How times do change, and how the left does eventually eat its own.

  2. With all the current need to be up on the truth, prepared and watching, what a waste of time to read junk like this. Wouldn’t touch it.

  3. Decent entertainment of any sort is becoming scarce.

    I bought a bio of a well known singer and actress that is known for her image of wholesomeness. I don’t think that I was two pages in before I read about her affair with a married man. Unreal!

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