By Request, ‘In Christ Alone’

Why do I post so many hymns?

Because we need them! As King Alfred said, “But the Lord is our defense: Jesu defend us!”

The crisis of our age is, as it has been from the beginning, a religious crisis. It is a war of worlds. It’s been going on since the serpent first seduced Eve in the garden.

Hymns and prayers–these are our ammunition. And the Gospel, and the Word, and the grace of God.

Requested by SlimJim: In Christ Alone, performed by Sounds Like Reign.

4 comments on “By Request, ‘In Christ Alone’

  1. This is one of the hymns we sing at our church, and it is very beautiful done by these folks

  2. The #1 requested hymn on Lee’s Blog – love it every time! Singing to the Lord is warfare against Satan and his hordes. This is a great arrangement, and what an inspiring family!

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