Hamsters’ Bath-Time

I didn’t know hamsters love sand baths. I thought it was only chinchillas. Now I wonder whether my mice would have enjoyed sand baths.

Is it true that hamsters, decades ago, were grumpy little animals that have since been bred for nicer personalities? The ones I see in videos seem jollier than hamsters used to be.

6 comments on “Hamsters’ Bath-Time

  1. I’ve never had a hamster, but my younger son had one once, and it drove him nuts being so mischevious,,
    like grabbing his socks and hiding them under an arm chair. Bath? I don’t know.

  2. I had some hamsters, years ago, and they tended to be pretty sweet little critters. I never recall having one that could be described as grumpy. I had hamsters that would try their best to escape, but that was it for negative behaviors.

  3. I had a few hamsters. I think the last passed when I was 12. I didn’t know about sand baths either. I only knew those cute tiny birds take dirt baths in parking lots & wherever they can find a patch.
    I was an awful hamster Mommy. I took care of them, but rarely ever gave them freedom. Their cages were the typical size wherein we often see them at pet stores – 20 + gallons, or close. They laid around a lot. I think mine weren’t this active & happy because I didn’t have larger tanks, they had nothing to stimulate them, and I did not give them the attention they deserved. I don’t even remember receiving them. I think they just need loving parents, as every living being.

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