Washington Schools: All ‘Race,’ All the Time

Ireland's first-ever dinosaurs discovered - BBC Science Focus Magazine

Dinosaurs achieved extinction without resorting to Critical Race Theory.

We are governed by some of the stupidest and most evil people on earth. Especially along our Pacific coast.

The governor of Washington has signed into “law” (LOL) a bill Mandating–everything is mandated, these days–training in “Critical Race Theory” for all public school teachers, grades K-12 (https://www.ntd.com/washington-governor-signs-bill-mandating-critical-race-training-in-public-schools_610411.html). It’s for “dismantling institutional racism,” say the same dirtballs who run those institutions and who therefore must be the biggest racists around, but somehow they get around that charge and it’s stapled across the backs of the rest of us. So the teachers are to be “trained” to see and teach everything in terms of “racial struggle.” All race, all the time. The supremely relevant aspect of any human being’s existence is the color of his skin. Everything else is secondary.

This “theory”–and it’s not any kind of theory, but only neo-Marxist crapola–teaches children to hate and fear each other, hate themselves, hate their country, hate their family, and hate their God. It teaches that all white persons are born guilty of “systemic racism” and everything’s their fault, blah-blah-blah. It would take a mighty effort indeed to come up with a program more self-destructive than this.

But of course the white liberals running the state of Washington don’t care what harm they do. To them it’s just more virtue signalling, and it makes them feel really good about themselves.

I do find it hard to believe that the people of Washington are base enough to deserve this.

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  1. It didn’t use to be this way in Washington. I lived there beginning at age 15, and it was nothing like that. Now, the idiocy is still mostly west of the Cascades, but of course, it is now creeping eastward under the rule of the liberal governor. It is upsetting a great many people on the east side. What a shame.

  2. It takes a lot of mental gymnastics to think you can end racism by creating more racism. That’s exactly what CRC does.

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