One More Time, ‘To Be a Pilgrim’

The sun came out and I had a good morning’s work on my book, which put me in high spirits. Even the nooze couldn’t totally succeed in damping them; but it did give me a desire to hear John Bunyan’s hymn again.

Sung by Maddy Prior, with the Carnival Band, and by the author of “Pilgrim’s Progress”–To Be a Pilgrim. Sing it again, Maddy!

By Request, ‘To Be a Pilgrim’ (‘He Who Would Valiant Be’)

This is one of my all-time favorite hymns, and Heidi didn’t have to ask twice for me to post it. The only problem lay in choosing which version of it to post.

To Be a Pilgrim, also known and loved as He Who Would Valiant Be, rests on the original lyrics written by John Bunyan in 1684. I love this version by Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band.

Maddy Prior, ‘To Be a Pilgrim’

Yes, I know I post this a lot, you can even say “all the time”–To Be a Pilgrim, by John Bunyan, performed the old-fashioned way by Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band. But sometimes our pilgrimage is wearisome: and speaking for myself, I need a morale boost, big-time. I need this hymn this morning.

I pray it ministers to you, too.

Bonus Hymn: ‘To Be a Pilgrim’

Two nights running I’ve heard this hymn, embedded in a TV show I happened to be watching. I take that as a sign that I ought to post it.

This is my favorite rendition of John Bunyan’s hymn, To Be a Pilgrim, by Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band. Belt it out there, Maddy! We need all the hymns we can get.

‘To Be a Pilgrim’

With no hymn requests coming in yesterday, I fall back on one of my favorite hymns to start today–John Bunyan’s hymn, To Be a Pilgrim, sung by Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band. Yes, I’ve posted it more than a few times before–but who’s counting?

Encore: ‘To Be a Pilgrim’

I felt a special need for this particular hymn today. We’re living in tough and screwy times. But so did John Bunyan: and he wrote Pilgrim’s Progress, and this hymn, to help himself and us to get through them.

So here it is–To Be a Pilgrim, performed by Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band. And as a wise Christian lady once said: When times are tough, sing louder!

‘To Be a Pilgrim’

I’m so glad one of you included this in “Favorite Hymns”–John Bunyan’s hymn, To Be a Pilgrim, played and sung the old-fashioned way by Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band.

There’s always room on the list; so if you have a favorite hymn you’d like to have posted here, just let us know.

‘He Who Would Valiant Be’ (with Train Ride)

After all the stress and craziness of this week, I think we deserve a quiet train ride on the Goathland Railroad, over the North Yorkshire moors.

He Who Would Valiant Be is John Bunyan’s hymn, To Be a Pilgrim, with a few of the words changed.

‘To Be a Pilgrim’ (John Bunyan’s Hymn)

I haven’t posted this in a while, have I? To Be a Pilgrim, sung lustily and with good spirit by Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band–I found myself singing it yesterday, as I drove to the White Castle. But I’m sure you would rather hear Maddy Prior.

‘He Who Would Valiant Be’

Now they want us not to go grocery-shopping. What are we supposed to do for food?

Antidote: He Who Would Valiant Be, by John Bunyan, also known and loved as To Be a Pilgrim–complete with peaceful train ride over the North York Moors on the Goathland Railroad (steam locomotive and all).