Who’s Minding the Country?

Yesterday it was the “two Moms” Army recruiting ad (https://leeduigon.com/2021/05/13/army-recruiting-ad-two-moms/). Today it’s this horror from the CIA. It’s another recruiting ad.

Describing herself as “a cisgender millenial”–do you know anybody who would introduce herself as a cisgender millenial? Would you want to?–she rushes on to parrot every woke cliche in the book. She’s intersectional! She’s against “patriarchal” this and that! She’s “a walking declaration”! I think I agree that she is. And–

She’s been diagnosed with “generalized anxiety disorder”! Hip, hip, hooray. Where do we put the statue?

But then what does the CIA do anymore, but undermine Republican presidents and try to help China? You don’t need to be sane for that. In fact, it helps if you’re a bit loopy.

So who’s defending the country? “Two Moms.” And who’s in charge of its security? Ms. Cisgender Millenial who’s not quite all there. Come on down and join the other nuts who run the CIA!

I feel safer already.

Democrats in charge. Lucky us.


5 comments on “Who’s Minding the Country?

  1. Funny … when I was in the Air Force, any kind of mental disorder was grounds for discharge. Now it appears that only the sane will be hunted down and discharged — as “extremists.”

  2. That Lady CIA is full of it and also has issues…she’s confident but then she says she’s also she’s pretending to be someone she’s not. What a mess

    1. Not at all! To our enemy see gives the vibe of being incompetent and a bigger enemy of America than America’s strategic enemies, while also her ideological prism scares me that she probably wants to go after Conservative americans (while she’s incompetent sounding, still, being in power she can do damages). What a whacky CIA!

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