This Book Is Scaring Me The Tyranny of Big Tech (9781684512393): Hawley, Josh: Books

I’ll be reviewing this book for Chalcedon, so I’m reading it now and it’s scaring me. Big-time.

Never in history has so much wealth and so much power been acquired by so few, to the detriment of so many. The few, of course, being the oligarchs who run Big Tech.

Senator Josh Hawley’s book was originally suppressed, but then Regnery agreed to publish it. It doesn’t seem like Google, Facebook, or the other plutocrats want Americans to read it.

Y’know what’s really scared me? Both the European Union and the U.S. government have, from time to time, fined Google et al billions of dollars (or euros) for various illegal practices–and what happens then? If they can’t beat the rap by buying off regulators, Big Tech simply pays the fines and continues on its merry way to global domination. Because to them, $5 billion is chump change. Their wealth is virtually infinite. They’ll do whatever they please, and laugh at the consequences.

We, the people of the world’s nations, are in dire peril of losing our liberty. Big Tech offers us assorted goodies in return, and we’ve found those hard to resist. Like, who wants to be left out of the next big thing?

Another scare: Big Tech watches and keeps track of literally everything you say and do and read online. Those assorted electronic gizmos that we like so much, and can’t do without–they spy on us. And Big Tech uses that unimaginably vast store of information to manipulate us. Ultimately, to control us. Pick our leaders for us. Own our whole economy. Own our institutions. And no one has found a way to stop them.

Oh, they’d stop if some of their grand panjandrums went to jail instead of just having to pay fines with money that they’ll never miss. But who’s going to try, convict, and jail them? Whom have they not bothered to buy off?

This is bad.

But it’s also the Tower of Babel all over again, and you know how that turned out.

Pray: O Lord our God, defend us. O Lord our God, avenge us. In Jesus’ name and by the power of Jesus’ name, Amen.

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  1. I agree with Erlene. Big Tech has trampled our rights and freedoms, marketed our private information and intruded upon our lives in ways that are unimaginable. The Social Media giants are essentially nothing but data mining, these days.

    1. That may prove difficult. Here’s the problem; when you, I, or anyone else traverses the Internet, we leave a trail, of sorts. Big Tech uses this to deliver focused advertising and to measure the significance of various trends, be they market trends, political, social, religious, etc. One of my strong be,if’s is that if data is collected, it will be put to use.

      I would feel safe in saying that Amazon, eBay, and any number of other Internet based businesses I trad with, probably have my demographic profile nailed down pretty tight and have a good idea of my views, tastes, beliefs, etc. Here’s the rub, part of my job is cyber-security, so I know many of the pitfalls; however, avoiding these pitfalls is all but impossible.

      What is the answer? I don’t believe that there is one, in human terms. It’s not realistic to try to roll back progress. Technology is not the culprit here. The problem lies with unscrupulous people that seek to exploit others and only Christ the King can resolve that problem.

    2. It seems we have a lot of problems like that. But we can’t just sit here and let them enjoy stomping on us. We should at least raise a little hell.

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