‘Are We Done For?’ (2018)

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“Welcome to California, comrades!”

(Yeesh! If things looked this bad in 2018, what can we say about 2021?)

2018 saw another move by California to ban “fake news,” as defined–very vaguely–by leftids. The measure must have failed, or Democrats would have been out there celebrating as if it were the second coming of Walter Duranty.

Are We Done For?

Yes, there’s such a thing as fake news. Democrats call it “narrative.” It’s a curse that falls on a republic of illiterates. Our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc. are pumping it out by the tanker-load, every day and every night. They can only communicate by lying.

But somehow this scheme in California fell through; and because they don’t like to “report” their failures, nothing was said about it.

Not that they will ever give up trying to ban news they don’t want you to hear…

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