Not-so-Sweet Dreams

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The other night I dreamed I was playing basketball. It’s been over a year since I last played, Because COVID. So the dream was rather intense. I dreamed my team was playing really stupid ball, taking bad shots, not passing, etc., etc. My wife woke me up because I was running in my sleep.

Back to sleep. Oh, fap! I’m back in that freakin’ dream. Just in time to grab a rebound.

And then someone reaches around from behind me and sticks his hand over my nose and mouth. That was too much. So I bit him.

But what I really did was bite my own finger, and it hurt! But at least it got me out of that dream for good. I mean, I would truly love playing a bit of basketball, but that game was poison.

I wish I could wake up from what Democrats are doing to my country.

4 comments on “Not-so-Sweet Dreams

  1. Some of those dreams can be really annoying. I have had some doozies at times. Some of them are trying to tell us something that we brush aside when in the conscious mind.

  2. How about those dreams that present a seemingly insoluble problem that you keep working on — trying either to find something or to escape from something or to fix something — and when you wake up you STILL can’t figure out how to solve the problem, but you can’t stop working on it no matter how many times you remind yourself that the stupid thing was just a dream and can’t be expected to make sense….?

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