Will Georgia Judge Decertify 2020 Election?

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How much longer will “See no evil” work for Democrats?

Georgia’s forensic ballot audit has turned up six election witnesses who claim there were at least 30,000 fake votes cast… by people who do not exist. And if the judge finds their claims sustained by the evidence, he could decertify the election (https://conservativebrief.com/if-it-is-determined-41074/?utm_source=CB&utm_medium=The%20Conservative%20Standard). The auditors also want to look at 147,000 mail-in ballots that might not be kosher.

And of course we have ballot audits going on in New Hampshire and Arizona. The Maricopa County ballot audit in Arizona involves more than 2 million ballots. The Biden Regime is trying to stop it. Trying hard.

Democrat creed: If you can’t win clean, win dirty.

You would think that if they really, truly, had nothing to hide, they wouldn’t be trying to stop the audits; rather, they would welcome the chance to prove the election was on the level.

So far, the very scale of the crime has militated against its being rigorously investigated. What do you do, if you find irrefutable evidence of widespread voter fraud in a national election? Nobody seems to know the answer to that question. Judges keep refusing to hear cases. Is it because they’re afraid of what they might find? Are they afraid of riots, assassinations, arson, if they’re put in the position of having to do something about a crooked election?

I believe our country is in such deep trouble that we must pray for divine intervention.

But while we pray, we have to do what we can to get the truth out where everyone can see it. Whatever it is that we can do, pray that someone does it.


8 comments on “Will Georgia Judge Decertify 2020 Election?

  1. In this microwave society we expect instant results, but when you are fighting the Deep State justice is as slow as a turtle with broken legs. God is going to reveal the wickedness of the 2020 election to all the world to see, but in His time and His way. Our faith is being tested, which is kind of the purpose of life in a fallen world.

  2. Funny … remember how many vote audits and recounts the Dems demanded after the 2000 election?

  3. I do hope and pray that the truth about the 2020 election will be able to come out and that it will be soon. I’m afraid of this President and his policies.

    1. Democrat policies are the destruction of America and its “fundamental transformation” into a socialist hell-hole with them lording it over us.

  4. I’d say the Democrat creed is: If you can’t win dirty, win dirtier.

    I have very little hope in any election results being overturned, but it would be something if it happened. But no matter what, I put my trust in God. One day every corrupt politician, dirty dealer, swamp rat, lousy judge, and global technocrat will be brought to final judgement.

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