Parents Who Want Their Schools Back

Parents in Scottsdale, AZ, held their own public meeting last night after their Scottsdale Unified District School Board members held a “virtual meeting” online to avoid them (

Do you see a pattern here? On May 18 the board walked out of its own public meeting to avoid having to answer questions from the public. On May 24 their public meeting was closed to the public by being online.

Remember when public schools used to be owned by the communities they served? Now the community has no say in what is taught, who teaches, who runs the district, etc. Their only role is to pay. And pay. And pay.

The chief bones of contention between the public and the board seem to be continuing the requirement that kids wear masks all day in school (Because COVID), and the schools’ penchant for teaching “critical race theory”–which teaches children to hate each other, themselves, and their country.

The people who are made to pay for this shit don’t want it anymore.

The plan in Scottsdale is to elect all new board members in 2022, who will listen to the people and be responsible to them, rather than just bossing them around and making fun of them.

Well, OK–but the real problem is that the community doesn’t own the schools anymore. Federal bureaucrats, state bureaucrats, and teachers’ unions own them. And they do not care what parents think. Shut up and pay.

This is what has to be fixed. And until it is, there’s Christian schooling and homeschooling.

Really–what’s anyone’s excuse for sending their child to public school to learn critical race theory?

We will not accept “But it’s free!”

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  1. I’m gratified to see people standing for their rights, but as long as schools accept Federal funds, they will be forced to bow to the will of the Feds.

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