Now What?

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Oy, am I busy! I’ve written three more pages of my new book (no title yet!), half a dozen blog posts, and I still have to write my Newswithviews column. What to write about, I don’t know yet–but I’d better decide sometime in the next ten minutes or I’ll never get it done on time.

Should I write about pushback? Because we’re starting to see some, and it looks like it could blossom into something big and beautiful and grand. Maybe we actually needed something as awful as a bad election and Critical Race Theory to wake us up.

But have we wakened up in time?

It’s in God’s hands. Work hard to do whatever we can do, and pray even harder.

4 comments on “Now What?

  1. When Obama was elected the Tea Party arose in response to his communist policies. As a result he lost the House in 2010. When Hillary ran for President, the Trump Train arose to put Trump in the White House. Now that Biden has been fraudulently elected a huge backlash is taking place to make the Tea Party & Trump Train looked like the minor league. 2022 is going to be a blowout of blowouts. It is much harder to steal a Congressional race than it is a Presidential race – remember in 2020 the GOP gained 15 seats in the House when historically they should have lost about 20-30 seats.

    1. We must not underestimate Democrat perfidy. Remember their unspoken motto: If you can’t win clean, win dirty.

  2. I do see people starting to wake up and push-back. We are definitely still at the pointy end of the stick here, BUT God plus one is always a majority, and I’m confident we are going to come out on top.

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