Rushdoony: ‘The Freedom to Sin’

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Adam and Eve (by Michelangelo, in the Sistine Chapel): They shouldn’t have listened to the Serpent… but they did.

“We live now in an age of judgment which will soon break over us,” R.J. Rushdoony wrote in 1986.

Looking around at 2021, I think we can say it has.

At first glance, it might seem very odd to see Rushdoony writing about the “freedom to sin.” But he is not saying, as Rasputin used to say, “We must sin in order to be saved!” What he’s getting at are the continuing efforts by the Godless to root out and abolish sin–and how these eventually add up to the biggest sins of all.

God didn’t create us to be paper dolls, with no will of our own. Sophomoric persons think He should have created us in such a way that we would have no choice but to be good all the time.

But a birdbath is incapable of sin. Does that make the birdbath righteous?

Why did God create us with “the freedom to sin”?

Rushdoony’s answer can be found in the article cited above.

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  1. “It is not our works nor our self-righteousness that saves us. God shipwrecks us to makes us ready for His grace.” Brother R. J. is so right about humanist man’s trying to eliminate sin ends up being a gulag. When the righteous are called all kinds of names, it is because they are breaking the moral codes of the Left’s religion of man as depicted in the State.

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