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When Fools Play God, You Get Measles

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“Sorry, we can’t stay and smite you, we’ve gotta get outta here–Measles is comin’ to town!”

Why are the nooze media and certain politicians fear-mongering about measles and demanding that everyone be forced to get a measles vaccine? Why are we hearing about this supposed measles apocalypse and seeing them introduce bills to wipe out religious and conscientious exemptions?

Dr. Mercola has a fascinating article about this:


When I was a boy, practically everyone got measles. I didn’t, but my brother and sister did and we all had to be quarantined. Everybody got it, but nobody died. But now we’re being told “measles kills,” and local “outbreaks” are being blamed on unvaccinated persons–with demands from the nooze media and politicians that these persons be punished for putting life on earth at risk, or something.

Some highlights from Dr. Mercola’s article:

*There is a history of measles vaccine failures reported in the science and medical literature.

*Vaccinated persons can still get “wild type” measles, sometimes without visible symptoms.

*Suddenly all the powers that be believe that measles is a terrible threat and the vaccine is “very safe and effective,” despite evidence to the contrary.

*A baby in the womb will acquire a temporary natural immunity to measles from his mother, if the mother has had measles sometime in her life–but not if the mother has had the measles vaccine. Babies born to vaccinated mothers are not immune to measles and newborns can catch it.

*First they announced they were gonna “eradicate measles” by 1967, then they announced they were gonna do it by 2000, followed with a “mission accomplished!” celebration, which was followed by measles coming back and somehow coming back stronger than it was before… so now they’re gonna eradicate it by 2020.

My conclusion is that they’re fooling around with this, playing God, and making the problem a great deal worse than it was.

But that’s part of utopian humanist ideology–which requires Science and the State to do all those things that God was supposed to do but didn’t because He doesn’t exist: but never mind, we, The Smartest People In The World, we will wipe out disease and poverty and war! Four horsemen, we’ve got you in our crosshairs!

And all they ever do is make things worse.

This Is Journalism? Teens Demanding Vaccinations?

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The gang at the Chicago Tribune–do they truly think we can’t see their bias?

The headline reads, “Unvaccinated teens fact-checking their parents and trying to get shots on their own” (https://www.chicagotribune.com/lifestyles/health/ct-anti-vaccine-parents-20190210-story.html). Like, how many times, when you were 14 or 15 years old, did you find yourself sitting on the porch steps and thinking, “Gee whiz, I wish I could get more vaccinations! Confound my parents! What could they be thinking of?” Hint: never.

The Trib digs up one 18-year-old who posted such a thought on Reddit–“god [sic] knows how I’m still alive”–and from it extrapolates a mass movement among teenagers who want to be vaccinated against freakin’ everything. This kid’s parents didn’t think so. The fact that he’s still alive casts doubt on the urgent necessity for beaucoup vaccines. His Reddit post did get a lot of comments, from which the Trib deduces “a growing discussion online.”

And they begin a sentence with the words, “As anti-vaccination movements metastasize…” You know–like cancer. Cancer metastasizes. Ooh! Doggone dogma!

This is ideology. Secular humanists keep promising to deliver us an earthly paradise, free from disease and poverty and bad dates, etc., if only we’ll all do as they say. In their world, no disease will be allowed–so there, God! You couldn’t do that, but we can! If only the ignorant rabble will obey us. So their own dogma demands that everyone be vaccinated against everything; and then, if a disease does turn up somewhere, it must be because some religious fanatics failed to heed the government.

I wonder what my parents would have thought of me “fact-checking” them. They didn’t generally use the word “hubris,” but in that event it would have come in handy.

I really shouldn’t need to add that some vaccinations have done good (the smallpox vaccine, just to name one)–but to vaccinate against every possible disease is just utopian humanism running wild. But then it doesn’t know any other way to run.

Remote-Controlled… People?

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Sounds like every liberal’s dream, doesn’t it? Remotely “hack” someone’s brain to make him do what you want him to do.

Well, a team of “scientists,” whatever they are anymore, has managed to do just that: remotely control a brain to make the subject run, freeze in place, or lose control of his limbs (http://bgr.com/2017/08/18/brain-hack-science-limb-control/). But don’t worry–they only did it to a mouse. No one would dream of doing it to another human being.

Every utopian humanist dream fulfilled! Total obedience! No more trouble with the masses: they’ll just have to do as they’re told. Shoot, where’s Boris Karloff when you need him? And Peter Lorre? Can’t you just hear Lorre whispering, “Now, Mr. Patient, pick up the knife–yes, that’s right–and I will press this little button, and you will stab Mr. Greedy in the back, right between the shoulder-blades. I owe him a lot of money, you see…”

It’s all Jurassic Park. And just wait till the dinosaurs get loose.

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