Wikipedia: Not Honest

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I don’t watch CNN, so I don’t know which anchor this is, interviewing George C. Scott as she crawls across the ceiling.

Wikipedia likes to come across as a real online encyclopedia, a place where you can always go to get the facts. Which is true, except when they’re lying to you.

For instance: Gateway Pundit is described by Wikipedia as a far right fake news site, full of “misinformation” and conspiracy theories. But CNN and MSNBC are described merely as cable news outlets.

Gimme a break. Do you know that a visitor recently saw CNN personnel crawling around the ceiling like flies? His name has been withheld, of course.

A mail clerk says the nooze staff at MSNBC get paychecks from the Chinese Communist Party twice a month.

This post is surely as accurate as anything that Wikipedia has to say about any news organization. Wikipedia probably still calls The New York Daily News “centrist.”

They can probably be trusted if you just want to read about kangaroos or something; but in the realm of public affairs, proceed with extreme skepticism.

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  1. I’ve noticed a subtle slant to political correctness years ago when I would check Wikipedia for something. It’s annoying but you’re right in saying that it’s just a dandy site if you need information on a kangaroo or wallaby although I wouldn’t be surprised to read that scientists have discovered that these critters are born not knowing their sex and therefore would be transgender or whatever. Subtle things like that. I wouldn’t be surprised if I read something like that.

  2. Wikipedia is a mixed bag, at best. The fact-checking is sketchy, at best. The wife of a very famous guitarist, a name most people would recognize, used to complain that she’d correct information about him on Wikipedia and find that it had been removed and edited by someone else. Ok, who’s right, some online “expert”, or the spouse of the artist? My money is on the spouse.

  3. I used to tell my students that I wouldn’t accept any Wikipedia references as valid sources in their research papers.

    By the way, I won’t be around much for the rest of the day. I had an exhausting morning, and I’m going to take the rest of the day off from my desk and just sprawl on the couch with books and puzzles and a warm cat.

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