Georgia Election Officials Lawyering Up

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They certainly aren’t acting like people with nothing to hide.

Fulton County, Georgia, election officials, in advance of the ballot audit of the 2020 election… have hired a couple of top criminal defense lawyers to represent them (

Now, why would you hire a high-powered defense attorney unless you expected to be charged with a really serious crime?

Stealing America’s election–well, it doesn’t get more serious than that, does it?

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  1. Oh, I always hire criminal defense lawyers to help me make a will or mediate a business dispute — doesn’t everyone? (sarcasm)

  2. Sydney Powell was on the stage live today in Texas fielding questions. She kept referring to the Biden Administration and the Democrat Party as communists. It’s a long drawn out battle but the truth of fraudulent elections will come out. You can go to and see all the affidavits, some hundreds of pages long. If you can believe you can toss a coin 1,000 times and it always comes up heads, you can believe the presidential election of 2020 was legitimate.

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