‘A Christian-Bashing Racist Textbook’ (2018)

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I hate this stuff. Here’s a picture of a nice lizard instead.

You’d be better off having your kids taught by lizards…

I wonder how many school districts wound up using this phony “textbook”–By the People: and don’t ask “What people?”

It’s the usual toxic waste–whites evil, conservatives Nazis, socialism good, blax can do no wrong, Christianity a hate group, yatta-yatta, the whole Democrat floor show.

A Christian-Bashing, Racist Textbook

Why do we permit this schiff in our schools? Are we really so hopelessly stupid as that?

And they aren’t even “our schools” anymore! We just pay for them. The costliest education system ever devised in all of recorded history.

Shame on us for allowing this.

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    1. Their master, the Devil, can’t build anything. All he does — and all his minions know how to do — is destroy.

  1. Sure makes me glad I do not have kids in school any more. However, I have great grandsons who will be
    one day – if the world lasts that long.

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