Does Your Pet Roomba?

One of the dogs in this video has a very peculiar reaction to the roomba. I wonder where he learned it.

Anyhow, this video proves that animals are individuals, just like us, and each has his own way of dealing with the roomba.

4 comments on “Does Your Pet Roomba?

  1. No, I have never had a dog or cat that liked anything like this. The nearest was a cat that loved playing with a toy trail net.

  2. LOL, oh there I go again. These stiff,crooked fingers do this all the time. I meant train set. We gave our grandson a toy train set for Christmas, and the cat loved to chase it, which was more fun for our grandson than playing with it himself.
    Yeah, if I don’t go back and take time to read everything I type, I get nothing but stupid typos.

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