‘Guardian Angel Wishing Dust’

Picture of Guardian Angel "Wishing Dust"

What do we get from the costliest “education” system in recorded history?

Ignorance and superstition.

I stumbled over an ad for “Guardian Angel Wishing Dust”–“triple strength,” no less! Complete with customer reviews. “This is the best wishing dust! I look forward to buying more.” Good grief. How many brands of this stuff are there?

Another reviewer won at Bingo. Thank you, Wishing Dust. And another met the man of her dreams. You get up to “three magic wishes and instant miracles.” What? Nobody wished for world peace?

Do you ever suspect the schools and colleges purposely make people stupid?

It would explain a lot.


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  1. Oh, boy. This is not only extremely stupid, it is also evil. It is drawing the ignorant and unsuspecting away from truth and into sin, big time.

    1. Amen, Erlene! This is very stupid, but it’s also very wicked. There’s no biblical reason to expect that God, or His angels, are there to grant wishes. I have always disdained the notion that God is some sort of cosmic wishing well, and of course the ones promoting such a view are almost invariably willing to accept donations or sell you something to make these wishes happen.

      I wish I had a large brick home, overlooking a valley in eastern Colorado, with a spacious music room, a Mercedes roadster in the garage. I wish it had its own airport with two 5,000 ft runways and that I had a couple of nice airplanes. I wish that I had the money to maintain and upkeep all of these things. I wish I were 40 years younger, yet still had the wisdom of experience I now possess. I wish that I was surrounded by friends and pets, and that it was always springtime in Colorado.

      Now I’ll make an offer, to anyone; buy some wishing dust and wish these things for me, and if I get ALL of these things, I’ll buy 10 bottles of wishing dust and pay ten people to wish that the person whom wished these things into my existence gets a billion bucks. Just imagine, some lucky person will get a billion bucks, ten times over, and all for the price of one bottle of wishing dust. Of course, you will have to register the fact that you are doing this, in advance, and I’ll send the specifics for the wishes, geo-location of the house, model and color of the Mercedes, detailed specifications of the aircraft and the runways.

      So, step right up, wishers, and send me your registration information (plus the $5,000 filing fee) and start wishing your way into untold wealth. Anyone, anyone, Bueller, Bueller? C’mon, I need some takers here.

      I didn’t think so.

      While I’m on my soapbox: I have long felt that these enormous Lotto prizes are essentially a license to wish. The “filing fee” is a bit less, but the odds are about the same.

      In recent years, I have spent a fair amount of time learning more about the Bible. I’ve been a student of the Bible for almost my entire life, but more recently, I have had second thoughts regarding the degree to which it is symbolic (which is what I was taught) and started to take the Bible at face value. One aspect of the Bible which I feel is all too often forgotten, is the fallen state of our world, and of mankind. Yes, I would love to have a fine home, I like fine automobiles and I find that flying small aircraft is very enjoyable, but these are not things which will cure the ills of humanity. What I REALLY wish for, and pray for, is the Kingdom of God.

      Proverbs 10:22 tells us: “ It is the blessing of the LORD that makes rich,
      And He adds no sorrow to it.” If I had all the things I pretended to wish for at the beginning of this post, there would be sorrow to go along with these things. Within 10 miles of me, sits a Mercedes roadster that someone bought, when they had a windfall, but now it sits immobile, because the owner can’t afford to maintain it. With a big house, comes big property taxes. Airplanes will vacuum up money at an astonishing rate. Yes, any of these things could be seen as blessings, but every one of them brings some sorrow along for the ride.

      When God restores mankind, we will all have what we need and we will all be able to lead interesting, productive lives. Without the struggle for survival, it may well be that we will not desire riches, but only sufficiency.

    2. I mean, c’mon, really! You get this fantastic power to make your wishes come true… and you wish you’d win at Bingo???

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