All Sorts of ‘Wish Spells’!

If you go to YouTube and search for “wishing spell,” you’ll find a virtually inexhaustible mine of superstitious twaddle. The one above is only one of many.

This in the middle of a worldwide technology splurge.

This in the context of “education” that takes up the first fifteen to twenty years of your life, costs more than anything, and advertises itself as indispensable–although it looks like a lot of people have already dispensed with it.

We need to be smarter than this if we want to keep our country.

What happens when a nation forsakes God and turns to the worship of sticks and stones–and wishing dust?

Nothing good. Oh, no, nothing good.

8 comments on “All Sorts of ‘Wish Spells’!

  1. The newly irreligious tend to be the most superstitious. And that goes for societies as well as individuals.

    1. Lee Duigon, “Mind Stealer,” 1990: “The flip side of the technological revolution is ignorance and superstition.”
      Once upon a time, everything my father had in his house, he could take apart and put together, maintain, and repair–and tell you how it works.
      How many houses are like that anymore?

    2. I think that’s becoming an issue, even as we speak. A lot of things we own today are born of technologies which make these items reliable, but disposable, in the long run. There are advantages to all of this technology, but the downside is not pretty.

  2. Superstition has been all but ubiquitous throughout history. Worship of the One True God is the antidote, and it’s not coincidence that a great preponderance of scientific progress has come about in monotheistic cultures.

  3. Witchcraft is back and in full swing wearing the coolest clothes and using the latest technologies out there! God Almighty is ignored, overlooked, and discarded as an old outdated piece of clothing. Man is now the center of attention or so he thinks. Witchcraft is a deception from the enemy. A woman can’t alter events and situations just by mumbling some “magic” words over the flame of a candle or with the scent of incense. Witches need to hear the Gospel and be set free because He is the one and only sure Foundation, the One Who can alter events and situations through His almighty power and He doesn’t need candles and incense to do it. He needs witches (sinners) to turn from their wicked ways, seek His forgiveness and receive the free gift of salvation so that they may offer up prayers to Him instead of mumbling spells and curses. I’ve been praying for a revival to come to counter all the growing deception in this nation. Paganism and witchcraft have become so mainstream anymore. It’s like we’ve stepped back in time. Back to a dark age.

    1. Lee, Christopher Derrick once gave a sort of answer to your question, in an essay on Marlowe’s “Doctor Faustus.” He said, in effect, that the reason people turn to magic or the Devil is that it seems so much more efficient than God. If you ask the Devil (or cast spells) for something, you get it right away; but if you ask God, you may or may not get what you’re asking for, depending on His will, or you may have to wait a long time for it. Of course, the price tag the Devil attaches to what he gives you so readily is pretty high, but you don’t think about that, just about how efficiently you got what you wanted. The efficiency is the key. So, to extrapolate from Derrick’s idea, there’s your answer. High tech and superstition both offer efficiency. You get what you want right away. You don’t notice the price tag until afterward.

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