“‘Kansas Isn’t Kansas Anymore, Toto'” (2017)

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In my immortal horror classic, Mind Stealer, I wrote, “The flip side of high technology is ignorance and superstition.” I’ve seen no reason to change my mind about that.

‘Kansas Isn’t Kansas Anymore, Toto…’

We spend more money on “education” than has ever been spent on it in all world history–and what have we got to show for it? And not to pick on Kansas, the other 49 states are just as benighted… thanks to public schools, colleges, and our, um, “entertainment” industry.

Will our civilization go down in history as the one that excelled in making people stupid?

All Sorts of ‘Wish Spells’!

If you go to YouTube and search for “wishing spell,” you’ll find a virtually inexhaustible mine of superstitious twaddle. The one above is only one of many.

This in the middle of a worldwide technology splurge.

This in the context of “education” that takes up the first fifteen to twenty years of your life, costs more than anything, and advertises itself as indispensable–although it looks like a lot of people have already dispensed with it.

We need to be smarter than this if we want to keep our country.

What happens when a nation forsakes God and turns to the worship of sticks and stones–and wishing dust?

Nothing good. Oh, no, nothing good.

‘Guardian Angel Wishing Dust’

Picture of Guardian Angel "Wishing Dust"

What do we get from the costliest “education” system in recorded history?

Ignorance and superstition.

I stumbled over an ad for “Guardian Angel Wishing Dust”–“triple strength,” no less! Complete with customer reviews. “This is the best wishing dust! I look forward to buying more.” Good grief. How many brands of this stuff are there?

Another reviewer won at Bingo. Thank you, Wishing Dust. And another met the man of her dreams. You get up to “three magic wishes and instant miracles.” What? Nobody wished for world peace?

Do you ever suspect the schools and colleges purposely make people stupid?

It would explain a lot.


Gwyneth’s Little Shop of Horrors

Image result for images of dopey gwyneth paltrow

“Look into my eyes. You are growing stupid, stupid, stuuuupid….”

When The Smartest People in the World are not busy being materialists who worship an idol called “Science,” they’re New Agers who mock Christianity while imbibing every superstition they can find. And mastermind Gwyneth Paltrow has just opened a really pricey shop in Los Angeles that caters to them (https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/sep/22/sex-dust-and-vampire-repellent-a-stroll-through-gwyneth-paltrows-new-la-store).

Here at The Goop Lab, devoted to Gwyneth’s “lifestyle brand”–now why didn’t I think of that, marketing my “lifestyle”?–people with scads of money to burn can buy… Sex Dust, “alchemized to ignite sexual energy,” once you figure out what “alchemized” means; Psychic Vampire Repellent consisting of “sonically tuned gem elixirs” at $30 a bottle, and which probably doesn’t work because if it did, there’d be no one in the store–and all of it “choreographed by GP herself.” Hum baby. No wonder it costs so much.

Oh, I don’t know. Maybe it’s business as usual for a dress to cost $800.

I don’t know what GP, as they call her, does besides appear in movies that I have no interest in seeing. I think if I bought a bottle of Psychic Vampire Repellent, I could never respect myself again.

People desert Christ to wallow in mumbo-jumbo, and glory in their wisdom and sophistication.

But the Lord is our defense: Jesu defend us.