Killing Our Culture

Hey! Waddaya think’ll happen if we make this new rule that as long as what you steal is worth less than $1,000… we’ll just forget about it?

Three Walgreen’s stores in San Francisco have closed this year because of uncontrollable random looting. There is tons of YouTube video about it. I picked the one that enraged me the least. The others are worse.

Now people in those neighborhoods can’t get their prescriptions filled locally, but so what? See, if you prosecute yobs who come into the store and fill garbage bags with stolen stuff, you’d be… wait for it… “criminalizing poverty”! NEW LEFTID DOCTRINE: Anyone who feels “poor” is entitled to steal stuff.

Do they ever wonder why people are leaving their cities in droves? Or do they just deny that that is happening?

No political actor will ever admit that one of his pet policies has been disastrously wrong. You will never hear it. Not ever. Not even after they defund the police, coddle Antifa and BLM, remove penalties for crime, rupture our nation’s borders, build up the strength of Communist China, shred the family… They’ve never even admitted Obamacare was a flop. They aren’t going to start being honest now.

I always say, kill the culture, and it will kill you back.

It has begun to kill us back.

3 comments on “Killing Our Culture

  1. The further American society moves from its original moorings, the nuttier it becomes. I am currently reading David Barton’s “Original Intent” and how for the first 150 years it was understood by the courts that America was a Christian nation and that Christianity was the source of common law. Every original State had laws against blasphemy. Talk about drifting away from ones moorings.

  2. It is to be expected from our reading of Scripture, and yet, we cannot really believe it happening. Just a very unreal … what can I say? When a nation turns from God, they are all in trouble.

  3. It does feel as if we are living in a very strange new world where wrongdoing is given excuses and right doing is vilified. I know that the Lord sees all this and knows that much fist-raising and hatred is pointed towards Him. It must grieve Him because of our founding principles were based upon His Word. I wonder how long before He will act.

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