Largest Mammal Ever?

Paraceratherium linxiaense giant rhinos in the Linxia Basin


Paleontologists working in China have found the fossils of a giant rhinoceros that may well have been the largest land mammal ever–16 feet high at the shoulder, 26 feet long, and weighing in at 24 tons (

They’re calling it a Paraceratherium, but I prefer the old name, Baluchitherium. Roy Chapman Andrews found one during his Gobi Desert expeditions in the 1920s. Specimens have also been found throughout Asia, with hints its range may have reached into eastern Europe. (Some call it the Indricothere. This can get confusing.)

This one’s four times the size of a full-grown elephant, and supposedly lived some 26 million years ago. Some of you won’t be buying that, but let it go for now. Whatever its age, there it is–a hornless rhino like a walking building.

I’ve always loved this creature. This is the great beast King Ryons rode to the rescue of the city of Obann.

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Can you imagine seeing one of these? It was as big as a fair-sized dinosaur. There must be a limit to how big a mammal can grow–but have we seen that limit yet?

Rejoice in the works of the Lord!

4 comments on “Largest Mammal Ever?

  1. Pshaw. If it’s hornless, it can’t be a rhinoceros. Rhino = nose; “keras” = horn. This has been your friendly neighborhood pedant bringing you today’s pedantic pedantry. Enjoy. 🙂 🙂

    1. As C.S. Lewis’ wife used to say, “Time to break out the pedanticide.”

      I don’t see how an animal as large as a Baluchitherium would have much need of a horn.

      Unless he were to guest star in a Godzilla movie.

  2. Whenever I hear stories of these great monsters, it reminds me of the Book of Job.

  3. There were definitely some big critters in the original plan. Maybe we were meant to be like the Flintstones and use animals in place of heavy machines.

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