Who Knew the IRS Is Ignorant?

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Christians Engaged, a group of Texas Christians, applied to the Infernal Revenue Service for tax-exempt status… and got turned down.

You’ll never guess why.

According to the IRS, the Christian group can’t be tax-exempt because “the Bible’s teaching is affiliated with the Republican Party” (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/06/irs-denies-texas-based-christian-group-tax-exempt-status-claims-bibles-teachings-affiliated-gop/).

Hmm… The Republican Party was founded in 1854. That’s about 1,800 years later than the newest sections of the Bible. You can say Republican thought tries to follow the Bible–but you can’t say the Bible is a GOP document. Unless you’re an ignoramus.

Yo! If the Bible is Republican, what does that make you Democrats? The Anti-Bible Party? Well, some of us have long suspected that. A party devoted to the energetic promotion of evil. Do you guys get hives if you’re exposed to holy water?

Hey, you’re sayin’ it, not us. Bible bad! Donald Trump wrote it!

The IRS has branded you the Anti-Bible Party.

Now maybe you’ll understand why we insist the IRS has too much power and needs its ears pinned back.

Really. If the best the Bible can do is the Republican Party, that’s nothing much to be proud of.


4 comments on “Who Knew the IRS Is Ignorant?

  1. Love your last paragraph. Don’t we wish the Republican party — as a party — would take the Bible a bit more seriously?

  2. Amending the Constitution so the federal gov’t could tax our income was the stupidest move on the part of the American people in 1913. An entity that can tax your income owns you. The Bible forbids taxing income and property. A national sales tax where everyone pays the same is the most fair. So if you don’t want to pay taxes to the federal gov’t, then don’t buy anything.

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