Washington State ‘Mandates’ Critical Race Theory

Democratic Debates: Everyone Is Horny for Jay Inslee

Gov. Jay Inslee says you’re all guilty of “institutional racism”

While the rest of the country is up in arms trying to get “Critical Race Theory” thrown out of their schools, or banned from getting in, Washington State, back in May, “mandated” CRT for all its public schools (https://www.ntd.com/washington-governor-signs-bill-mandating-critical-race-training-in-public-schools_610411.html).

Because it teaches children to hate themselves, each other, their families, and their country, CRT is almost universally loathed. Only brain-dead white liberals–and that’s who’s governing Washington–like it.

I don’t know how I missed this story. Maybe it was one of those stealth nooze stories: “If we keep quiet about it, the rubes out there’ll never know it happened!”

So all pubic school teachers in Washington will have to endure a special “training day” that’ll teach them how to recognize and root out “institutional racism.” Note the existence of “institutional racism” is presented as a given. Liberals think they’re clever when they use sophomoric tricks of argumentation.

The question will become, someday… Can the rest of the country secede from Washington?

6 comments on “Washington State ‘Mandates’ Critical Race Theory

  1. Just as Obama got Common Core in most States by giving federal money to those States that adopted it, so the fraudulent Biden Administration is giving money to those State who will adopt Critical Race Theory. Who gave the White House this authority? It sure wasn’t the U.S Constitution.

  2. They believe they can violate anything they choose, but woe too anyone in disagreement with them.

  3. How can there be “institutional racism” when all the major institutions in the country — government, media, academia, entertainment, Big Tech, etc. — are run by leftists? Or wait…. have I just answered my own question? Is it the leftists who are the racists? Hmmmm….

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