‘Football’ Is a Pandering Mob of Money-Grubbing Parasites

The NFL says 'football is gay' in latest ad | Ad Age

Football is loathsome.

Not wanting to be left out of “Pride Month”–set aside for the “celebration” of sexual sin–the National Football League quickly whipped up a TV ad that proclaimed, “Football is Gay!” It’s also lesbian, transgender, etc., etc.

Two days later they pulled the ad (https://hillreporter.com/watch-nfl-drops-pro-lgbtq-ad-conservatives-lose-it-105382). To the astonishment of the Far Left everywhere, it seems “gay” and “transgender” are nowhere near as popular as Democrat zealots think they are. People did not like that ad, not one bit.

You can still see the ad on YouTube, but without the video.

But then this is the same National Football League that proudly hates America and proudly kneels during the National Anthem to show how ashamed they are of their country.

Why does anybody still watch this schiff?

Just for the record, I think we ought to dispute the claim that “Football is lesbian.” Have you heard there are any lesbians playing in the NFL?

On second thought, we are probably better off not knowing.

How deeply, how often, does the NFL have to insult us before we find something else, anything else, to watch on TV?

Shame on us if we watch football.

CDC Issues ‘Super Bowl Party Guidelines’

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Achtung! Verboten!

No human activity is too trivial for government to reach out to control!

Why anyone would bother to watch the Super Bowl, given pro football’s clearly expressed disdain for America and her people, is a mystery to me. But just in case you want to get together with family and friends to watch this bilge, the Center for Disease Control has issued “guidelines” for your Super Bowl party (https://www.kusi.com/cdc-releases-guidelines-for-super-bowl-parties-including-no-cheering/).

Wear your face masks indoors and outdoors, you silly little proles. And better than a family get-together would be a virtual gathering. And by all means “Avoid shouting, cheering loudly”–is there even such a thing as cheering softly?–“or singing.” No singing allowed!

Sure sounds like fun, eh?

Because COVID.

When are they going to pull down the Statue of Liberty?

NFL to Play ‘Black National Anthem’: Illegals Object

NFL protest proves Americans stuck on stupid - San Antonio Express ...

You mean this league hasn’t gone backrupt yet?

The suppurating mass of culture rot that is the National Football League has announced its plan to play “the Black [suddenly it requires a capital B] national anthem” before each and every game when the season opens Sept. 10 (https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29401000/nfl-plans-play-black-national-anthem-week-1-games). And other Minorities are already complaining.

“How come they get their own national anthem, and we don’t?” said Jose Antonio Schmo, president of Undocumented Immigrants Waiting for Free Stuff. “What’s so special about blacks? We demand they play our national anthem, too!”

“What? No Gay and Lesbian national anthem?” cried Smarty Marty Zilch, last year’s director of “Bottoms Up.” He was answered by a spokes-whatever from the Transgender Activist Coalition: “If your national anthem gets played, ours gets played, too!

Similar remarks have been made by groups representing Native Americans, fat people, vegans, convicted felons, and the dead. They all want their own national anthems played before the football game.

But the biggest minority group of all has not only not been represented, but hasn’t even asked to be represented, much less demanded it.

“We just do what we’re told,” said an unidentified spokesjellyfish for Spineless Cowardly Americans Inc. “Don’t even bother to tell us what you want–we’ve already surrendered.”

Not a Shred of Self-Respect

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This story is too disgusting to be illustrated in the normal way. So here is a bluebird in her nest instead.

You do know, don’t you, that the NFL Players Assn., with the tacit support of the league itself, despises your country and thinks it’s a stinking racist hell-hole? You haven’t already forgotten all that “take a knee” posturing, have you?

Yeahbut, yeahbut! It’s the Super Bowl, dude! It’s Super Bowl Sunday!

You blocks, you stones, you worse than senseless things…

So they kick you in the face, and you ask for more. They wipe their feet on your flag and you ask for more.

Well, okay–they have more, as it turns out!

The Fox Network–can you say “fake conservative, conserving nothing”?–having rejected a pro-life ad for their Stupor Bowl broadcast, plans to run another ad featuring… well, of course you knew this was coming–drag queens! I mean, what’s a family viewing event without a little soupcon of intense perversion?

They kick you in the face and you ask for more.

If our culture somehow survives and recovers from this era, it will be no thanks to our nooze and “entertainment” industry.

May the sovereign word of God confront and crush them.



$724… for Two Beers?

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“Getchya cold beeah heah! Only $362 a pop!”

When they’re not insulting their country, the NFL has other tricks to show the fans what they think of them. Even the vendors are getting into the act.

At a recent Miami Dolphins game, a vendor used an illegal personal card reader to charge a fan $724 for two beers ( https://ftw.usatoday.com/2019/10/video-beer-vendor-charges-fan-724-for-two-beers-gets-arrested?utm_source=MSN&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=inline-related). The regular price is $12 per beer. I’d call that robbery, too. Anyhow, the victim didn’t know he’d been robbed until the bank notified him. The vendor has been fired. Seems he never thought the bank would notify the customer about the unusual transaction.

No Professor Moriarty or Dr. Fu Manchu he, the vendor will face criminal charges. As Sherlock Holmes once said, the quality of crime these days isn’t what it used to be.

You should be able to attend a game without getting robbed in your seat–which you’ve already paid plenty for. But you should also be able to do that without having to see your country get dissed by pampered millionaires who say they’re oppressed.

NFL Getting Despised Back

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The reddish-orange areas are empty seats.

This weekend was the 100th anniversary of the National Football League, the pro sports league that leads all the others in showing disdain for America, and fans celebrated by staying away in droves (https://www.breitbart.com/sports/2019/09/08/weak-1-seats-still-empty-for-several-teams-as-nfls-100th-season-kicks-off/).

Acres and acres of empty seats at one stadium after another–in Cleveland, Jacksonville, Miami, and Charlotte, just to name a few. The Breitbart article has pictures of all the fan-starved stadiums.

According to one commenter, CNN–yeah, CNN: what would possess you to watch it?–reported that the sea of empty seats was due to–wait for it!–“fans are disappointed that no team signed Colon [sic].” Colin Whatsisname is the mediocrity who started this whole schtick of “Take a knee to show you much you loathe America.” All this toxic waste about “oppressed” millionaires. The guy hates our country, calls it a racist hellhole. He’s made millions of dollars doing it. Y’know, resuming an active career in football would probably mean a big pay cut for him.

Hey, NFL! We’re America, and we know the NFL is not our friend!

Go to an NFL game? I won’t even watch it on TV.

The Super Bowl… vs. America’s Self-Respect

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Let’s see… They insult us all year long by kneeling instead of standing for the National Anthem, they call us a crummy no-good racist country… And we’re gonna watch their Big Fat Game? Really?

Do we really have so little self-respect as that? How badly, how desperately, do we need to see another stupid football game? Is there anything they can say to us, any way they can show us yet more clearly what they think of us, that might drive away their audience?

We really do ask for it, don’t we?

Projected viewership of Super Bowel (intentional typo) 52 is down 16% from last year.

That’s not enough to drive home the lesson. Nowhere near enough.

Can it be that we just don’t care enough to pass up a football game? There’s nothing else that we can do tomorrow?

Shame on us.