‘Heat Inequality’ Hunts Down ‘The Poor’

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Well, here it is, front page of The Seattle Times: Official and Bona Fide nooze! The heat wave is hotter where the Less Affluent live!

Obviously these ninnies never saw the old joke about the New York Times headline: End of the World! Women, Minorities, Hardest Hit! Or maybe they did see it, and not only thought it was real, but nodded sagely to one another and muttered, “Now that there’s a headline!”

Yes, the Pacific Northwest heat wave deliberately picks on the poor! And I don’t know about you, but I find it highly suspicious that most of the country always gets real hot around this time of year, every year. Betcha Trump is doin’ it.

And noozies wonder, mystified, why we despise them! I mean, what is the purpose of such a headline, other than to wind people up because supposedly when people get really upset they buy more noozepapers… or vote for Democrats. Something that never helps them worth a damn. They only do those things because they’re freaked out.

So the heat wave sidesteps “The Rich” and goes off chasing “the vulnerable, less affluent.” It knows where you live!

10 comments on “‘Heat Inequality’ Hunts Down ‘The Poor’

  1. This is ridiculous. By the way, I’ll compare heat numbers with anyone that thinks they are unfairly afflicted. I’ve seen 119F in the last two weeks.

    1. Before Trump, it was 73 degrees, 24 hours a day. 365.25 days per year. Yep, The Donald did this to me. 🙂

      OK, how about some reality. Genesis 8:22
      “While the earth remains,
      Seedtime and harvest,
      Cold and heat,
      Summer and winter,
      And day and night
      Shall not cease.”

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